Service producing in the heat of summer

INNER CIRCLE members have been on a solid prolonged winning ride.  Among the key factors is a 25-13 MLB BEST BET record that has featured numerous underdog winners that significantly enhance the ROI.  This service is all about the analysis of the risk-reward for each wager and in particular the BEST BET plays are based more on the value on the betting line than it is on the actual chances of a team winning (Moneyline wagering in MLB specifically).

Cash the 2nd NFL exhibition play on Thursday night with the Raiders +3 getting off to the early start then cruising to the house late in a 33-26 win at Arizona.  Murray will need to get better acclimated with handling the blitz as he will certainly see it if he takes the field in real action… he struggled with it in this game.

NFL exhibition record for the service is 8-2 over and as mentioned previously, a perfect 2-0 with the BEST BET plays.

Posted up a FREE PLAY for the Friday night action at the site in MLB… these plays have also been on a nice surge and looking to break the one game losing streak with loser coming on the 11th of August.

Key to successful long term wagering in MLB lies in the ability to ascertain value in the line based on game situation, starting pitching, and current team form.  Some basic understanding of how the moneyline relates to straight percentage odds… then determining where the value on the line occurs with a team with most reasonable expectation of winning with tolerable risk.  In a nut shell… most wagers from a seasoned MLB player are going to be on low priced favorites (less than -140) and underdogs with most of the action being on actions under -120 or underdogs.  At times, the runline is also a viable option if you can apply reasonable calculations to a team’s potential to win by more than one… always play -1.5 as the +1.5 RL MLB wager is the worst odds bet you can play.

BEST OF LUCK tonight with all of your action


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