NFL Preseason moves to 7-0

INNER CIRCLE has feasted on the early results of the NFL preseason action.  Following the Raiders -4.5 taking a 14-3 win over the Rams on Saturday night, The GWC moves to a perfect 7-0 ATS with the NFL plays.

Service has been on a MLB heater hitting around the 70% mark and above over the past 5 weeks with the BEST BET plays and the profits are beginning to pile up.  With a good early read on some football bets, the late summer profitable push now shows signs of extending into the fall.

Since the 7th of July, MLB BEST BET plays stand at a robust 23-10.  Service has had no losing streak longer than two games in that run (three times), and has consistently provided winners with solid value (small favorites, underdogs, runlines).  Beating the math is essential in MLB wagering and more than decades of grinding it out every year has provided me with the experience to know the game.

Next NFL Preseason play will be on Thursday, and the INNER CIRCLE will be focused on whether or not the winning streak will continue.  As always, never hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding the service.  Nothing in gambling is a guarantee, but I put in the work that is needed to maintain any true edge in the linemaking… allow me to give you an edge every day with my insight and plays.


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