Wimbledon Men’s Final – Instant Classic

Djokovic captures his fourth grand slam title in the last five played as well as his 5th Wimbledon title after outlasting a heroic effort from Federer in the first 5th set tiebreaker to ever decide a men’s grand slam champion.

Wimbledon’s rule to have a 5th set decided by tiebreak after the 24th game came into play during the final and it certainly added to the drama of what was an incredible event.  Joker had a break lead in the 5th set but Federer showed a champion’s moxie by breaking back late in order to set up the epic drive to the tiebreaker.

Novak had to persevere some big moments during the course of the 5 hour match and neither player was willing to spit the bit even when the events of the contest were clearly going against them.

During the extended 5th set, Federer appeared ready to lift the trophy as he served up a break, and a 40-15 lead, two Championship points on his racket… journalists were putting the finishing touches on their reports of an epic 21st grand slam title for Roger… BUT.

And that BUT was Novak pushing back to incredibly break serve and continue the match and keep pushing towards the tiebreaker that he must have felt confidence he could pull out.  That confidence was largely bred on the fact Djokovic had won his two sets of the match via the only two tiebreakers played to that point… and he finished the match by winning another.

So many angles, so many stories that can be said and written about this one… suffice it to say it was an epic match and earned the often misused term of INSTANT CLASSIC.

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