Breeder’s Cup Saturday Santa Anita

Breeder's Cup Saturday Santa Anita   Race 1 Daily Double: 2,5,7/2,4 Exacta Box: 2,5,7 Top Pick: (1) Apache Princess   Race 2 Daily Double 2,4/3,6,9 Exacta Box Top Pick: (2) Extra Hope   Race 3 Daily Double 3,6,9/4,5,9 Exacta Box 3,6,9 Top Pick: (9) Kingly   Race 4 Daily Double 4,5,9/1,10,11 Exacta Box 4,5,9 Top … Continue reading Breeder’s Cup Saturday Santa Anita

Breeder’s Cup Friday Card

Breeder's Cup Friday Santa Anita   Race 1 Daily Double: 2,5/1,9,10 Top Pick: (2) American Tattoo   Race 2 Daily Double 1,9,10/4,7,11 Exacta Box 1,9,10 Top Pick: (10) An Eddie Surprise   Race 3 Daily Double 4,7,11/3,7,10 Exacta Box 4,7,11 Top Pick: (4) Warren's Showtime   Race 4 Daily Double 3,7,10/3,11,14 Exacta Box 3,7,10 Top … Continue reading Breeder’s Cup Friday Card

College Football BEST BET plays PERFECT 11-0

  Following the West Virginia 29-24 win at Kansas, NCAA Football BEST BET plays given out to the INNER CIRCLE are now a PERFECT 11-0.  WVU -4.5 gate a TD run with 5 minutes remaining and that proved the score needed to cover the back door as Kansas pounded one in at around the 2 … Continue reading College Football BEST BET plays PERFECT 11-0

Service producing in the heat of summer

INNER CIRCLE members have been on a solid prolonged winning ride.  Among the key factors is a 25-13 MLB BEST BET record that has featured numerous underdog winners that significantly enhance the ROI.  This service is all about the analysis of the risk-reward for each wager and in particular the BEST BET plays are based … Continue reading Service producing in the heat of summer


Service is on a RED HOT roll coming into the action on Saturday. 8-1 overall on Thursday 6-1 overall on Friday 3-0 BEST BET sweep those two days NFL Preseason Record a PERFECT 6-0 following Vikings win on Friday MLB BEST BET plays are 7-2 in August and on extended 23-9 run since the 7th … Continue reading INNER CIRCLE SERVICE crushing books

Stocks and Trump-China showdown

Any company involved with China will likely see their bottom lines decrease for the near... thus, stocks for these companies are most likely to suffer. But, the good news as I see it, that will not affect the overall strength of our economy particularly if manufacturing and production is able to keep up the increases. … Continue reading Stocks and Trump-China showdown